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Recipe - The Easiest Instant Pot Chole / Chickpea Curry out there!

Owning an IP in the kitchen has been a game changer - yet I am always trying to come up with quick recipes to make life even easier. If you own an IP and feel like you are spending every waking minute of this quarantine period in the kitchen - listen up!! This recipe is for you!!

Chick peas are packed with protein and make a delicious gravy because they will soak up all the flavors of spices when they cook. However they can be hard to digest and can cause flatulence. The key to a satisfactory bean meal to to keep flatulence at bay! A tip to avoid this is soaking your chickpeas (or any beans) overnight with plenty of water and adding a couple of spices like cloves, bay leaves and cinnamon. Make sure you discard the water before moving on to the cooking process!

Note that you may also used organic canned chick peas - just make sure you wash it thoroughly! After that its ready to use!!

Here is the recipe for the easiest Chole-



  • Wash and soak chickpeas overnight in sufficient water. Add cloves and/or bay leaves to this water.
Pot of chick peas soaking in water with SpiceFix cloves
  • Next day, discard the water and rinse again.
  • Turn IP on sauté mode.
  • Roughly chop onions and throw them in a blender or magic bullet with the cinnamon stick, cloves, black cardamom and cumin seeds, ginger, garlic and green chillies.
a bowl showcasing SpiceFix spices for the recipe - cloves, cumin seeds, black cardamom and cinnamon stick
  • When IP is ready, add oil and throw in the blended onion mix.
sauteing the onion, ginger & garlic puree in the Instant Pot
  • It is important to let it cook well for 4-5 minutes so as to get rid of the raw onion smell in your gravy! Meanwhile you can quickly get your tomato paste ready.
  • Throw in 2-3 roughly chopped tomatoes, turmeric powder, kashmiri chilli powder and Chole Masala in the blender.
Blending tomatoes with SpiceFix turmeric powder, Kashmiri Red Chili Powder & Chole Masala Blend  
Blending tomatoes with SpiceFix turmeric powder, Kashmiri Red Chili Powder & Chole Masala Blend
This is how fine you can grind the paste-
Showcasing the tomato and SpiceFix spice puree for the recipe
  • Add the tomato paste to the onions in IP.
Adding the tomato/spice blend into the onion saute in the Instant Pot
  • Mix well and add the chickpeas.
The chick peas are being added to the Instant Pot
  • I usually eyeball the water, but a good key to a thick gravy is to have about an inch of water over your chickpeas. Remember that the onion and tomato puree will also add to the liquid gravy.
  • Cover, seal and cook on Bean/Chili mode for 25 min, followed by natural release.
Setting to cook with for the Chole recipe being shown
You have about 30 min of chill time so go catch up on a book, vacuum that living room or hey, even better - have an impromptu dance party because you just whipped up the best chole ever in no time ;).
  • Time to open and check on your chickpeas! At this time you can adjust the gravy. If its slightly more watery than you'd like, just use a masher to mash up some chickpeas around the IP.  If its less spicy, add a tsp of garam masala (optional) and mix. 
  • Garnish with juice of lime and cilantro!
Chole is so versatile - you can have the curry with rice or puri - deep fried bread made from wheat flour (pic below)!
Showcasing a delicious bowl of Chole Masala made with SpiceFix chole masala blend and other aromatic spices. The dish is completed with onion relish and fluffed Indian bread (Poories) on the side