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Here's what some of our customers are saying about our spices!

"I bought your black peppercorns and bay leaves based on recommendations from a friend and I am so happy I did! The peppercorns are very flavorful and have just the right amount of spice to them. This is the first time for me trying Indian bay leaves and they really do add fragrance and a unique flavor just like my friend said it would. I'm eager to try more of your products now"

- Sharon J.

"Thank you SpiceFix for the perfect gift! My husband is a huge outdoors kinda guy who loves to grill every chance he gets. We live in New Hampshire so we don't have warmer temps a lot but that doesn't stop us from grilling whenever we want :) I bought him an early father's day gift - the BBQ spice combo and he absolutely loves it. The Kebab blend marinated chicken on the grill was a hit, even with our kids which I was very surprised about :) Thanks again! "

- Katherine M.

"Thank so much SpiceFix! I am all about supporting women and I'm glad I tried your spices. They are super fresh and flavorful. Coming from a Latin background, I use cumin a lot in my cooking and I am so happy I tried the cumin seeds and powder. Great smell and flavor! I'll be coming back for more"

- Maria S.

"Tried a street style fried rice with the wonderful spices from you guys (tellicherry peppercorns, kashmiri chili powder, fragrant turmeric and last but not the least the garam masala) and it tasted absolutely amazing! Can't thank you enough for your spices. They make a ton of difference in flavor of the food. I feel good about feeding my kids and family pure ingredients :)"

- Shailaja S.

"First, Thanks a ton!!! I am sooooo happy to receive your Spice shipment!! Love, love the fresh aromas of all the spices, even before I could open the box, I could smell the spices in there!! I am so glad to have found your contact. I am now your forever customer, really have never come across such fresh spices!! Thanks a lot and hope you keep doing this great work, wish you all the success and hope to buy new and quality fresh spices from you forever!!! Take care & stay safe !!!"

- Megha S.

"Another happy customer of Purvi Parekh and Padma Iyer of SpiceFix. I have been their customer since March 2018 and now can't swap them with any of the store bought spices and powders. My favorites are their turmeric powder, kashmiri red chilli powder and all whole spices like black cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, red chillies. They have put a lot of passion and effort to procure unadulterated spices with highest quality and taste. They are elegantly packaged too and purchasing process has been a breeze. I'm happy to support women entrepreneurs!"

- Shwetha N.

"I just wanted to give a shout out to 2 wonderful ladies, Purvi and Padma of Spicefix for making available fresh Indian spices. I have been a regular customer for over a year now and am so glad and happy with the quality of the spices provided. We all try to provide the best to our families and I am thankful to these 2 ladies for very flavorful and high quality spices."

- Tuhina

"Just today I opened the turmeric pack and it has wonderful flavor in comparison to any other turmeric powder I have used in the past."

- Oviya

"I love the spices. Love the aromas and taste. They bring out the flavors in everything I put! Thanks!"

- Aparna R.

"Amazing flavor and color! I've been using their Kashmiri whole chilies for a long time now but never tried the powder until now. I truly believe that when you cook with pure and fresh spices, you get the best results. I was looking for a chili powder that was not too spicy but would give me the red color I wanted. This Kashmiri chili powder has just that! I am glad I took a chance and ordered it because this is the best red chili powder I've tried so far and i've tried many. My family really enjoys chicken curry so I used this chili powder in it and I couldn't be more happy . Everyone in the family loved it. This will be my go to for whole chilies and powder from now on!"

- Kelly P. 

"Love your spices. They are fresh, and absolutely the best. A Chef's dream scenario to get the highest quality spices. Thank you Padma Iyer and Purvi Parekh!"

- Chef Vimala Rajendran, Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe, NC

"One brand of cumin powder pretty much looks like the other - until you open the package and release the aroma, and then use it in your cooking.
Thus far, EVERY single spice and spice blend I have tried from Spice Fix has surprised me with their quality. It's exceptionally good value as well, since I use so little of it with vastly superior results."

- Chef Preeti Waas, Cheeni, NC

"Having the freshest and purest spices is as important to us as finding the best local sources for produce and protein. Crack open a bag of their coriander seed, for example - you’ll find nuances and aroma you never thought you would (and should) expect from your spice pantry.  The women behind SpiceFix care about food, freshness and quality as much as we do.   We are so grateful to consider them our go-to local spice source!"

- Chef Cheetie Kumar, Garland, NC
"We love your spices! The Celyon Cinnamon might be our favorite but we have never been disappointed. The quality is noticeably superior to others and the customer service as well. We are grateful to offer these amazing spices to our customers and highly recommend SpiceFix to you."   
Ashley F., Lucky Tree, NC